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"Architectural revolution in China"

"Bauhaus in China"

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"Eurasian Figure" at Hamburg-Airport

30 years of partnership Shanghai - Hamburg: Drawings and photos of China 30 years ago




A project of partnership
Germany - China

Unveiling ceremony in July

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  January 2013: Erection of two "Eurasian Figures" at
sculpture park in the city of Mölln
  September 2010: "People First",
Exhibition at "Otto-von-Bismarck-Foundation"
Ost-West-Pavilion   "East-West-Pavilion" as an suggestion of 2006
for EXPO Shanghai
  Chinator in Hamburg - concept (in German language) of 2003
  Chinatower in Hamburg - teaching concept of 2003
  Chinatower in Hamburg-Harburg - teaching artists and leading players
Ost-West-Pavilion   September / October 2008:
"Chinator goes EXPO 2010", Exhibition towards "ChinaTime 2008"
100 Jahre Tongji-Universität   Anniversary at May 2007:
"One hundred years Tongji-University, Shanghai"
Gallery Claudius   27th of. September up to the 18th October 2006:
"AKT - Shanghai meets Hamburg", Exhibition during "ChinaTime"
with Professors of Tongji-Uni at Gallery Claudius, Hamburg
Frederic-Ebert-Foundation   9th of June 2005: Discussions with guests at Julius-Leber-Forum
of Frederic-Ebert-Foundation with the "Chinator"-exhibition
  5th of November 2004: "Embracing the New Century" at
city hall Altona
  9th of September 2004: "Embracing the New Century" presented
on the 3rd Moon festival of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs of city
of Hamburg in Berlin
  21st of July 2004: Opening of the exhibition "Step to Future" at MERCADO shopping mall with the presentation of "Artwork for the chinatower Hamburg"
  12th of May 2004: Presentation of a part of the exhibition "Artwork for the chinatower Hamburg" at the event "Discussions of Wellingsbüttel" of Hamburg Public Sewage Company
  Fifth of March 2004: Opening of the exhibition "Artwork for the chinatower Hamburg", presentation for the consulate general of the P. R. of China in Hamburg and for a delegation from city of Changzhi, province of Shanxi
  A „Chinator“-draft from Tongji-University at „The 1st Architectural Biennale -Beijing 2004”!
  Gallery for the 4th Youth Sculpture Exhibition im September 2004
in Shanghai: Young Chinese artists display their creative artwork
in the centre of the city of Shanghai
  Gallery A: Artwork-Design for the Chinatower Hamburg-Harburg, gallery of Tongji-students´workmodels with pictures from the presentation in December 2003
  Gallery B: Artwork-Design for the Chinatower Hamburg-Harburg, made by students of Tongji-university, gallery of posters
  Gallery C: Artwork of students of Tongji-university, exhibition of the pottery-section at the end of 2003
  Gallery D: Artwork in public space of Prof. Liu Kemin und Prof. Yin Jia
  Gallery E: From "Ren" to "Eurasisan Figure" or from east to west: The metamorphosis of the Chinese character "ren"
  Gallery 1: Pottery-studio of Tongji-university, Shanghai
  Gallery 2: Exhibition of the pottery-studio in November 2002
  Gallery 3: Professor Liu introduces Artwork in public space of Professor Liu Keming and Professor Yin Jia, Shanghai
  Gallery 4: Shanghai Biennale 2002: URBAN CREATION - Selected Works of International Students´ Exhibition
  Gallery 5: Shanghai Biennale 2002: URBAN CREATION - Shanghai Art Museum
  Gallery 6: Artwork of Prof. Yin exhibited in "Zhu ji zhan" gallery (Shanghai) during the visit of former German chancellor Schröder in december 2002


Former German chancellor Schröder receives from Mrs. Wu Qidi, today
Chinas´ vice minister of education and former president of Tongji,
a vase, designed by Prof. Yin, as a present


  Speech of the former chancellor Schröder on the 30th of december 2002 in Shanghai (in German language)
  Chinator/Chinatower in Hamburg in the voice of press



Series of paintings
The Four Seasons
The arrival of Li Hongzhang in Friedrichsuh

by Ulf Ludzuweit