Chinatower in Hamburg-Harburg

Gateway of China in the city of Hamburg

The teaching concept for the art-project "Chinatower Hamburg-Harburg" at the Tongji-university (Shanghai) based on the idea of a connection between Eastern and Western world by art.

During winter-semester 2003/2004 eighty-eight students in grade four of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) of Tongji-university (Shanghai) created about eighteen design-ideas for an artwork for the "Chinatower" (, which is planned in Hamburg-Harburg (Germany). So the eighty-eight students were divided up into eighteen groups. Each group produced a work model, A1-size wallpapers and a multi-media presentation.

The work models are made in 1:150 scale, to make clear the proportion between the artwork and the building, which the artwork regards to. The topics had been to include exhibition-space for non-permanent exhibitions into the artwork and to realize a connection between the artwork and the building as a symbol for a bridge between eastern and western world. Work models, which are more little and in larger scale had been also produced, to show details. The students´ topic for the wallpapers was to explain their idea by showing construction details, for example.

Teachers for this Chinese-German art-project had been Professor of Tongji-university, Mr. Yin Jia and the German artist Ulf Ludzuweit. In this artwork the main topic for the students was to create a connection between three different elements: The "Information Tree" of Prof. Yin, who was faculty adviser for it, as a symbol of todays´ modernism, the mural reliefs of Professor Liu Kemin, he did together with Prof. Yin, which are describing Chinas´ way into a modern society and the sculpture "ren" of the arist Ulf Ludzuweit, which is developed from the chinese letter "ren", which means "human being". For this task the students created interesting and unusual solutions and you can realize by watching it a typical asian handwriting, which means the purity of form and minimalism. A first overwiev you can have in the galleries A and B, which will be further completed.

The exhibition-space, which should be included into the artwork for "Chinatower Hamburg-Harburg" is determined for non-permanent exhibitions of handycrafts and artwork, done by students of Tongji-university in their leisure-time. An impresson of this work you can get in the galleries C, 1 and 2.

Teaching the grade four students
Teaching the grade four architect students by Prof. Yin (left) and Ulf Ludzuweit


German history of art
Lecture "German history of art after 1945" by Ulf Ludzuweit,
with translator Mr. Wang (middle) and Prof. Yin (right)

Introduction of the teaching artists